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The power of friendship and real connection

The past six months have been particularly tough on everyone. Loneliness is something all of us will have experienced to some degree over this time, some of us more than others.

Thankfully, as we all venture out more and connect with others over takeaway coffees, we may notice how different we feel after spending time with friends!

We all know how empowered, loved, connected and happy we feel after having met friends and had the chats whether we are putting the world to rights, sharing a laugh or, having a good ole rant!

Connecting with our friends helps us to feel seen and heard, helps us feel connected in our world, helps us feel part of something outside our own kitchen table.

Human connection offers us hope and strength when things are tough and support and fun when we need it!

In studies published by the CDC in the US, social isolation significantly increased a person’s risk of premature death from all causes, a risk that may rival those of smoking, obesity, and physical inactivity.

Therefore social contact is vital for our physical health as well as our psychological health.

Taking the opportunity to venture out where we can right now will help us to reduce our stress hormones and it helps our brains produce feel-good hormones which boost immunity.

When we spend time with our friends, the love and bonding hormone called oxytocin is released. This hormone supports the release of serotonin in the brain, another feel-good hormone!

I know personally when I spend time with people I love, whom I trust and connect with on a deep level, I feel joyful, appreciative and optimistic about the future.

Although for some it may feel uncomfortable at first to get back out chatting to people, this may be due to the fact that we have been so isolated for so long this past Winter and Spring.

For those with any social anxiety tendencies, it may feel more challenging to get back out there. Rest assured that with practice and once you feel the feel-good hormones that your body produces when around other people, it will get easier.

Next Monday, June 7th, I am running a FREE series for 5 days via WhatsApp for people looking for natural ways to feel calmer and connected.

I will share some techniques and essential oils to support you to feel calmer, sleep soundly, relax and unwind via a private message.

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