Hi, I'm Nicola

I want you to know that you can live a life of freedom!


I’m a mom of 2 beautiful daughters, psychotherapist (M.A, MIACP), dōTerra Wellness Advocate and Irish Gold Business Leader.

I love walks in the woods, the full moon, good coffee, personal development, crystals, camping with my daughters, live music and the freedom of swimming in the sea.

I started my journey in counselling and psychotherapy in 2002 and have been in private practice since 2006.

As a therapist, I help women set themselves free from anxiety, boundary issues, toxic relationships and past trauma.

I use a unique blend of humanistic psychotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and other modern pragmatic techniques to help women who are ready to create a beautiful life. I believe that with the right tools and by trusting themselves, women can free themselves to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

I don't believe therapy should be hard, very painful or protracted as I love to empower my clients with the tools to continue doing gentle work themselves. 


I am a weekly columnist for the past 4 years for the Weekly Observer on mental health issues.

As a wellness advocate using dōTerra oils since 2017, I help women and mothers free themselves from a reliance on outside experts.

I do this by helping women rediscover the power and innate wisdom of nature and essential oils and their own intuition.

I love seeing women learn how easy it is to use these incredible essential oils and to trust their inner voice.

As a dōTerra business owner, I partner with positive, ambitious women across the world who are ready to create financial independence and own their futures.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I interview Nicola?

Yes. Email ​nicolahogg@hotmail.com​ or fill out the contact form above

Can I book a psychotherapy session with Nicola over Zoom?

Yes- use my booking link here as sessions can be in person or over Zoom (insert booking link). If you are struggling with anxiety, I highly recommend doing my ‘Soothe Your Anxiety’ ecourse before booking a one to one psychotherapy session. Learn More

I have questions about essential oils- can Nicola offer individual guidance?

Yes, I love to help you find the oils that will best support you in your life right now- use my contact form above and I am happy to answer any questions about essential oils to help you.

I am having difficulty ordering essential oils on your link- can you help?

Yes - add your contact details to the contact form above & I will be in touch to help.

Does Nicola offer talks to groups?

Yes, I offer talks on essential oils to groups- please use the contact form above.

Does Nicola work with children for psychotherapy sessions?

I work with age 14 upwards, once a teen is willing to attend and able to openly talk about their feelings.

Can I send you a gift or something to review?

If I have time, I will only share or review things that I am genuinely supportive of and I do this via social media only.​ Please use my contact form to receive my address details.