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''My office recently engaged Nicola to provide wellness training to the staff.  


We found the experience very worthwhile and Nicola gave the team some useful tools to help deal with the every day stresses of the job and balancing home and office. 

We would definitely recommend her to other offices, and we hope to have her back again before the end of the year for a follow up session''

Martina Murphy,


Martina Murphy Solicitors

Interior Design

''Thank you Nicola for a fantastic course.  All the team really enjoyed it.  It should be mandatory for all offices to have wellness training.  I hope to apply some of the techniques in my every day work''. 

Antoinette Cusack,

Partner Litigation 

''I recently undertook wellness training

with Nicola Hogg.  My employer

organised it as part of a self care

programme she was implementing

in the office. We were a little sceptical

at first but the course was really useful

and was not airy fairy in any way.  She

gave us lots of tools that we can use

both at work and in our personal life. 

We look forward to her follow up training''

— Yvonne Nolan,

Family Law Solicitor

In my work as a psychotherapist since 2006 with corporate clients, I increasingly see a demand for short, effective onsite workplace wellbeing meetings to support staff in feeling calmer and more productive by providing them with new, proven methods of stress management

I created 'The Art of Balance: Managing Stress for Optimal Living' workshop to meet this need.

The Art of Balance Workshops for Business Leaders with Nicola Hogg, Psychotherapist &

Corporate Consultant:

I tailor my corporate workshops to meet the needs of the group using a unique blend of humanistic psychotherapy, EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique)and other modern, proven, cutting-edge techniques to help clients and business leaders who are ready to create a more fulfilled life.

 I believe that with the right tools, people can live happier, balanced and more fulfilling lives.

Each workshop length is 90 minutes and is designed for smaller groups (max. 15 staff at one time). 

Sessions are confidential and staff can share as little or as much as they feel comfortable. 

(These are not therapy or supervision sessions but offer an informal way for staff to support each other and build resilience as a team).

At the end of each session, attendees will leave feeling calmer and with tailored, practical, proven methods to reduce their stress levels that they can easily incorporate into a busy working day.


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