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New Year, Same Me!

With the New Year generally comes the cultural expectation that we should pursue some self-improvement- we should have a list of resolutions, be starting a new diet or exercise regime.

The prevailing message is that we are not good enough as we are. We ‘should’ be better, do better and look better.

The moment we step into negative self talk in our minds is the moment happiness is sucked out of our lives.

Hating oneself never motivates anyone.

Feeling deprived creates a feeling of missing out and is unsustainable long term.

For 2022, what if we turned our focus to what brings us joy?

Instead of depriving ourselves of things we enjoy or berating ourselves in front of the mirror, what if we made happiness and joy a goal for 2022?

When we are happy, pursuing hobbies that spark joy within and spending time with people we love, we are less likely to reach for emotional crutches such as comfort food or alcohol anyway.

When our emotional cup is filled with human connection, true friendship and enjoying our free time, this happiness spills over into every area of our lives.

This is the year to be discerning about everything we consume from the media.

If it doesn't make you feel good to listen or watch it, SWITCH.IT.OFF!

Focus on music and podcasts that uplift and inspire you.

Surround yourself with the people who lift you up and love you just as you are rather than those who cut you down and drain your energy.

Trust your own inner guidance and intuition and choose only the people and activities that fill your cup this year.



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