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Creating a balanced, happy life

Do you find that you are living to work or are you working to live?

While work is important of course in our lives,  making it your major focus will mean other areas of your life will be unfulfilled. Many of us will have grown up with a strong work ethic or in a family who focused on productivity and results. As a consequence, we may feel we are only as good as the results or money we bring to the table.

However, we only get one chance at life and we can't go back so it's important to live as full and as fulfilling life as possible.

In order to live as full a life as possible, we need to get clarity around what our priorities are in life and then ensure that work time doesn't take precedence over time with family, loved ones, and our children.

Where do you need to put boundaries down around your work/life balance?

When you are retired, how do you want to look back on your working life?

Will you have regrets about not spending enough time with your loved ones? If so, where can you start to make some changes?

When we are off work, it is important that we are fully present and in the moment so that time spent with our loved ones really is quality time.

The quality of the time spent is much more important than the quantity! We can all sense when someone is fully present with us and giving us their undivided, full attention. 

If your mind is always switched on to work issues, you may find you are missing out on the golden moments that weave magic into the wonderful tapestry of life.

It is the little (and big) moments like this that give us the treasured memories that make us smile, warm our hearts, and give our lives a sense of fulfillment and completeness.

It will mean more happiness and joy in the end, with less regrets, and allow us to seize the moment and better enjoy a full life and all its wonders, adventures, love, beauty, and also its challenges.



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