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Do you get stuck in negative thoughts? 

I used to get stuck in that place too...a LOT!

Then, I learned a simple technique that changed my thinking. As a trained psychotherapist, I use this simple technique every day.

And I want to show you how to do this too!

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In my free guide, you will learn how to: 

  • bring awareness to negative emotions & identify what is making you unhappy

  • ​use these negative emotions as signposts to help you discover more happiness in your life!​

  • easily move from negative thoughts to more positive 

Get Instant Access to the Free Guide & Feel Happier Today!

Psychotherapist, EFT Master Practitioner, mom of 2 & I love to help people liberate themselves to live happier lives.

I love simple, effective tools.


This technique has helped me through some difficult times in my life.

I'm Nicola,

What people are saying

''OMG, I'm amazed at how easy it is to do this technique & how much happier I can feel even day- thank you, Nicola, for this simple guide!"


'''Now I see how easy it is to move to positive emotions, I've got a reminder in my kitchen to do this daily - amazing results!"


Healing Digital Downloads


These files can be downloaded to your mobile phone or computer to be listened to as needed. I have added healing energy to these tracks and used proven and self tested methods to optimise your healing and sense of calm.

These short, effective tracks are designed for daily use for times of anxiety, overwhelm and sleeplessness. Listen as needed!



A simple online course packed full of practical tools to help you feel calmer!

Incredible proven tools and techniques to help you feel calmer. I only use tools that give RESULTS!

  • Practical guidance that actually works

  • You'll feel supported and SO much less alone in this

  • You'll have access to the tools and techniques even after finishing all the videos and you can dip back in when you need them


Essential Oils

These oils are the only oils I would use on myself and my children.  


Ready to liberate yourself?

Book a session online here on my website or contact me on


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