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Sick of feeling stressed/anxious?

I totally get it...I've been there too!

If you want to feel calmer quickly then check out the video below so I can show you how I did it & how it can help you...

What you will get:

'Soothe Your Anxiety' is a self-paced, easy to follow online course full of practical tools to help you feel calmer

Incredible proven tools and techniques to help you feel calmer. I only use tools that give RESULTS!

  • Practical guidance that actually works

  • You'll feel supported and SO much less alone in this

  • You'll have access to the tools and techniques even after finishing all the videos and you can dip back in when you need them


'Soothe Your Anxiety' Meditation MP3

I will show you you some of the best visualisation and breathwork techniques to support you through anxious times in a free MP3

Why learn from me? 

•I’m Nicola, an experienced and accredited humanistic psychotherapist (M.A.) in private practice since 2006 specialising in supporting people struggling with anxiety and stress.


•I’m also an EFT Master Practitioner which is a research-led approach to helping people feel calmer using practical tapping & energy work


I’ve lived with anxiety all my life - I know how hard it can be and I've helped so many people find the tools to help them feel calmer

•I’m practical and I only use and recommend tools that ACTUALLY WORK and have helped me personally too!

So who is this for and who is it not for?

This is for you if:

•You commit to doing the practices outlined in the course & take responsibility for your mental health

•You respect boundaries & understand this is not 1:1 personal therapy

This is not for you if:

•You need the support of 1:1 counselling/psychotherapy 

•You are struggling with an anxiety disorder or suicidal/depressive/intrusive thoughts & need the help of a G.P/M.D/psychiatrist


What other clients had to say

"Nicola has provided me with a toolkit to process and work through issues in my day to day life. It is a practical way for me to de-stress and calm myself, work through negative emotions and situations and to focus on positive energy and thoughts."


‘’I owe a big thank you to Nicola for introducing these calming exercises to me. She is so down to earth & this course really helped me get through my anxiety. For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m worth something’’ 


When do we strart?

Right now! You'll get immediate access with a new video posted on the course every day for 14 days


Grab my course for €37 currently available on this page only & you’ll be getting the value of all the tools and techniques I use with private psychotherapy clients for only a fraction of the cost of 1:1 psychotherapy sessions!!



I help people liberate themselves.

I use a holistic approach to psychotherapy so I cover lifestyle pillars that help to support your emotional wellbeing in our initial session. 


Working on a one to one basis, I use a unique blend of therapies including humanistic and integrative psychotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and other modern pragmatic tools to help you release the feelings and energy of painful events and start living from who you truly are.


With over sixteen years experience as an accredited psychotherapist based in Ballingarry, Co.Limerick, I tailor each session to the unique person in front of me to help you release the blocks to feeling truly happy again. 


In addition to counselling and psychotherapy, I teach stress reduction and energy techniques and how to practice EFT so you leave with useful stress management and happiness tools for life!


I highly recommend doing my 14-day online course ‘Soothe Your Anxiety - 14 days of practical tips to help you feel calmer’ BEFORE coming for a one to one counselling session.

The course is €37 (less than half the price of a psychotherapy session!) and you will get more value out of a one to one session or you may not even need a one to one session after completing it!


More on the Soothe your Anxiety e-course HERE 


Psychotherapy sessions are €80 per one-hour session and can be arranged in person or on Zoom if preferred.


To make an appointment for psychotherapy:

What my clients are saying

woman cheer oil.jpg


"When I first started counselling with Nicola and practising the EFT exercises, I was feeling very anxious and nervous. I thought that everything was pointless but as the weeks went on I began to feel a bit better. Now I’m not afraid to socialise anymore and I’m able to get up out of bed. The EFT is excellent because I’m really happy and feeling positive about life.  I owe a big thank you to Nicola for introducing the EFT exercises to me. She really helped me get through my anxiety. For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m worth something."



"Last year I was having a difficult time trying to adjust to a major change in my life and found myself feeling down, lacking motivation, and generally thinking that there was nothing much to look forward to. Lots of past experiences and memories, ones that lay dormant for years, came barging into my mind and tried to take control of any positive thoughts I had. I cried a lot, felt guilty for everything and even began thinking I was physically sick! My doctor recommended that I go and see Nicola.

My initial impression, when I arrived, was how serene Nicola was and the peace and tranquillity in the room. I was nervous at first and felt that maybe I didn't need to be there at all!

Then my journey started….I could talk and not be afraid to say what my thoughts were churning out….things I had never spoken about…and most of all I didn't feel guilty about saying things I felt. Nicola listened and allowed…..It was as if she put me on a journey and gave me all the directions, the pit stops, the detours. She was there with me all the time but the journey was mine. I had to go back first, though, before I could go forward. It was tough, I cried a lot but Nicola was always there for me in the most serene reassuring way.

For any journey, you need the tools for when things might go wrong or break down and EFT (emotional freedom technique) was the most powerful. Nicola showed me how to use this tool and I must admit I was a little dubious at first but IT WORKS! I have used it many times and it just seems to, if not exactly stop me in my tracks, slow me down to be aware of my thought process and control it.

I cannot thank you enough, Nicola, for listening and hearing and guiding me through this time and most of all for introducing me to a wonderful technique that I can carry and use for the rest of my life!"

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