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3 tips to help you stay calm during covid

Staying calm right now can feel like a challenge!

We are all trying to cope with lockdown and it brings different stresses into everyone's lives depending on your circumstances.

In this post I would like to share three tips for staying calm in the middle of covid.

  1. It's OK to feel negative right now! It's OK to feel angry! It's OK to say you are NOT OK!

Before we can even think about feeling calmer, we need to acknowledge how we are actually feeling.

To do this, take a breath, place your hand on your heart and ask yourself 'what would I be feeling if I just allowed myself to feel everything right now?'

Breathe into the feelings and know that all you need to do is feel them, not change them, not make yourself wrong for feeling them.

These feelings won't stay forever if we stop battling with them and just allow ourselves to BE with them for a while.

2. Get outside as much as possible, away from your phone or any other media outlets.

Whether it is a brisk walk outdoors or gardening or sitting outside with your cup of tea, the daylight on your skin and the fresh air boosts our happy hormones and gives a sense of perspective when we connect with nature.

3. Listen to something that makes you laugh out loud.

What used to make you laugh a lot?

Drag out the old DVD's or clips on YouTube and while you are cooking or cleaning, listen to something funny.

Smiling tells our brain that we are safe and switches our nervous system into a calm state.

This is a quick way to hack into our feel good hormones.

Remember that when we tune to outside sources, stress starts to seep in.

Take control of staying calm by trying these tips and know that you can choose how you want your day to go.



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