How a spanner is the most flexible tool I have in my life right now!

Today I had great plans for a few hours of creating online programme content which I will be releasing later this year.

But as a mother we all know how spanners get thrown into the works and we need the flexibility to be able to down tools and mind our children.

My youngest had been complaining of a sore tooth at the weekend and after her sisters 12th birthday we put it down to too many sugary sweets and drinks. She woke this morning with a swollen face and was in more pain than yesterday and unable to go to school.

I had one psychotherapy client at home this morning and I was able to move the rest of my work to bring Eveline to the dentist. We met the nicest HSE dentist ever in Dooradoyle who explained that she has an infection under a baby tooth which was travelling up along her face towards her eye !

I had used some Frankincense oil and Clove oil yesterday on the area and it gave her temporary relief but it was now time for the big guns!

You see...I am all about CHOICE.

Sometimes we need the antibiotics and today I am so grateful for amoxycillin and pain relief!

As much as I adore using natural solutions to our health issues (and they do cover us for 90% of what happens in our family), we sometimes need good doctors and good dentists to care for us and our children.

I am also grateful for the choice to be able to move my work around and to be there with my girls when they need me.

This wasn’t luck however-I consciously created this lifestyle.

I chose to retrain as a therapist when I was 25 because I felt fulfilled when I saw people feel empowered and back in the driving seat of their emotions.

I also could see the flexibility the job would bring to my life when I decided to have children. I know I am lucky to have had that foresight and understand how much it is to juggle for mothers working full time.

When I started teaching essential oil classes in 2017, this brought another flexible income stream into my life and while I taught hundreds of oil classes in person before lockdowns, I am now able to do that work online from home now with my girls in the background!(more on my doTerra business here:

Flexibility and choice are important values for me in everything I do and I love exploring ways to offer this to my clients so they can bring more of these values into their lives.

Emotional Freedom Technique/ Psychotherapy sessions I offer to my clients help people to become more aware of how they are feeling so they can make better choices for themselves in the future.

The essential oil consultations I offer help people become aware of other natural options to support them to feel calmer, healthier and happier.

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