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Are you ready to learn more about the essential oils I have been using in my home since 2017? 

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Why do I only recommend dōTerra oils?

Did you know that many of the oil bottles sold are created to smell like lemon or lavender or peppermint without any of the plant medicine in it? i.e they are synthetic/fake versions of the real plant

dōTerra is not only the largest + most trusted brand in the world … 


Go to and you can see how dōTerra are the most transparent regarding the amount of quality testing  on each oil (54 different tests). The oils are sourced from where they naturally grow and dōTerra go to great lengths to source the oils all over the world. So this is what makes dōTerra unique and in a completely different category than what you’ll find on shop shelves or online.

Why do dōTerra use the network marketing model?

dōTerra use a network marketing model to ensure that their customers get the support they need to use the oils. When you buy an oil off the shelf, there is no community support or ongoing education. I take my job seriously and invest a lot of time in helping my new customers to get comfortable using their oils and I include a complimentary consultation with oil starter set purchases for this reason. 


DōTerra lead with the product and over 90% of people using doTerra are customers. They do not lead with recruitment or making money. doTerra's products do change lives...from the harvesters and growers who are paid on time and at above fair trade pricing for their work to the distillers and wellness advocates like myself. 


‘Exploring dōTerra lavender fields in Bulgaria 2019’


Community forms the basis of being a dōTerra customer and being a wellness advocate and I loved knowing that I would be supported using my oils and building a business.

Will these oils work for you?


These oils are pure plant medicine so your body recognises them as it does food grown in our garden!

When a dōTerra oil says e.g. Lavender oil, Lavender oil is all that is in the bottle. As dōTerra's oils are so pure and potent, a little goes a long way!


Ready to invest in you?

The 2 most popular starter packages...

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The Family Essentials Kit

Budget sample sized kit of 5 ml bottles


5ml bottles of Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Oregano, Tea Tree, On Guard Protective Blend, Zengest Digestive Blend, Deep Blue Soothing Blend, Air Respiratory Blend.


Kit Value:€177

Your Price including delivery:€137.86


Home Essentials.png

The Home Essentials Kit

Best Value Option

10ml bottles of Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Oregano, Tea Tree, On Guard Protective Blend, Zengest Digestive Blend, Deep Blue Soothing Blend, Air Respiratory Blend.

Petal Diffuser 2.0.

Kit Value: €385.61

Your Price including delivery: €285.61


Included with either starter pack purchases:

  • Optional phone/Zoom consultation with me to help you make a daily plan to use the oils safely and effectively

  • Online account giving you the wholesale price on all products for 12 months

  • Welcome pack including oil accessories and guide for using the oils

  • Membership of our Facebook community group where we have continuous education on using the oils on topics such as hormone health, green cleaning, oils for sleep and mood.



What my oil clients are saying

"Since I discovered dōTerra oils a year ago through Nicola, I have received nothing but support from her on how to use my oils in my everyday life. Nicola is so dedicated and always there to give advice on any questions or concerns I might have. Since I have used dōTerra oils I sleep better, I am more focused and have more energy! My daughter suffers from a chronic respiratory issue and problems with her stomach and since using the oils she has shown amazing progress and has learned herself how to use them. I would highly recommend Nicola to my family and friends!"



"I was completely new to essential oils but Nicola’s extremely helpful guidance and continuous provision of easily accessible up to date information, I can now say dōTerra oils are part of my daily life. Oils have helped me hugely on a personal level with grief and anxious feelings. The oils are now used routinely with my husband and 6-year-old daughter on everything from seasonal issues to those niggly pains as children grow to respiratory issues, sniffles and especially sleep!"



"Nicola's support with her leading and latest thinking wellness company is fundamental to the wellbeing of myself and as a result to my team and to my young family. Highly Recommend On Every Level! "

Avril, Owner, Human Reasons Career & HR Services

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