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I'm excited to help you discover more about having your own exciting dōTerra business!

I started my doTerra business alongside my psychotherapy practice in 2017 as a complete novice and it has grown from strength to strength in that time.

I thought I’d supplement my psychotherapy income and could take fewer clients and was happy if I earned a few hundred euro extras a month.

My dōTerra business has become my biggest asset and has brought enormous positivity and fun into my life in ways I could never have imagined.

I had always been looking for that ‘something else’..something light and fun that could provide me and my family with another sustainable income.

If you are looking for a way to bring more abundance and financial freedom into your life, this is the perfect opportunity.

Ideal for people who love natural products and/or a healthy lifestyle, the doTerra opportunity is like no other and it can be personalised to your lifestyle. You can work it around your kids, job and other commitments and the training I provide is free of charge.


A lot of the work I do in my dōTerra business is in my pyjamas which suits me as a mom of 2 and someone who loves being at home!

You can book a 30-minute complimentary no-obligation call with me or send me your questions to find out more about how a dōTerra business could work for you


What my colleagues are saying



"Nicola came highly recommended as she shares her passion and knowledge for doTERRA generously.  We have been working together building a wonderful team of women who care about providing natural health care solutions.  Nicola’s approach as a business partner is patient and insightful, most importantly I enjoy working with her.  It’s nice to share this journey with other female entrepreneur’s. doTERRA oils are my emotional support, they have helped me build and create the life I envisioned."



"Nicola is such an inspiring asset to anyone who chooses to partner with her. Having had the pleasure to work and travel with Nicola I can see she is 100% steadfast with her dōTerra business and her route to success. I admire Nicola's ability to knuckle down and focus, and how she connects with people. Her caring nature makes her an amazing leader who will support your goals and celebrate your successes."



"Working with Nicola has empowered me to become more confident and believe in my own ability to run

my own business. Nicolas' knowledge and experience allow me to become the best version of me that I can."



"Having your own business shouldn’t feel like work, and anyone who partners with Nicola will gain so

much more than a thriving business. She has more focus than a laser beam, is consistently the top enroller in Ireland, is highly skilled and articulate, and if you’re not a flaky needy Mofo you’ll find her to be an amazing mentor too!

If you are serious about changing your financial situation, changing lives, and feeling fulfilled then I’d 100% recommend you partner with Nicola in your doTerra business."

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